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Good Morning Leon 4.10.15

April 10, 2015

FOR SALE. treadmill/ pellet gun / refrigerator/ freezer 910-514-0499

FOR SALE. homing pigeons / pool pump / bike 919-255-8353

FOR SALE. leather sofa/ walker/ charcoal grill 910-590-6980

FOR SALE. outboard Johnson motor / LOOKING. small dog box 910-322-6046

FOR SALE. wheat straw 910-892-5386

FOR SALE. safe/ riding mower / LOOKING.. mini bike 919-894-8887

LOOKING. place to rent 910-624-8801

LOOKING.. king bedspread/ t.v 910-897-4432

FOR SALE. rabbits/ hens/ bearded dragon 919-795-8384

FOR SALE. tires 16inch 919-795-8628

FOR SALE. four 16inch tires 910-260-1794

LOOKING. mobile home lot to rent 910-292-2418

FOR SALE. loveseat 919-753-6050

LOOKING. 22inch push mower 910-230-1918

FOR SALE. 8ft pool table / table saw 919-868-2469

FOR SALE. golf cart tire 919-669-2194

FOR SALE. weed eater 919-669-2194

FOR SALE. 03 Nissan parts/ LOOKING. house to rent / wheelchair 910-892-0892

FOR SALE. dining table w/ chairs and hutch /drop leaf table 919-894-3503

FOR SALE. full size brass bed 910-893-8949

FOR SALE. 7 drawer dresser 910-892-0185

FOR SALE.. pedstal table / area rug 919-464-1339

FOR SALE table w/ chairs/ riding mower / LOOKING. 1X4 and 1x6s 919-593-5263


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